Thursday, 26 May 2016

Call the midwife

It's 02:14am, she's 3cm and we've been here for 17 hours, and it's amazing, absolutely wonderful (well, if you were to ask my sister at this precise time I think she'd have a very different opinion...)

She's in a state of pain maybe a bit delirious and well, actually she's writhing around the bed using gas and air as if her life depended on it! 

Meanwhile we've been playing a number of epic songs (Dave would very much disagree) and I've been singing to the little fella ... All the classics - Tina Turner, Ricky Martin, the Toffife chocolate jingle (there's so much fun in Toffife) - I don't know why, just got stuck in my head.

I hope he's out soon, I'm desperate to meet him and have a cuddle....

So now it's almost 4am, her waters have been broken (ouch) and it's fair to say it looks pretty painful, I could murder a cup of tea...

HE'S HERE!! He came at 0425am weighing 8lbs 6, I never did get that cup of tea !) it was amazing, Hollie was amazing, so was Dave, I'm so proud of them both. The look on their faces was something else, that feeling of seeing your baby for the first time must be out of this world. He's gorgeous and he's completely stolen my heart. I was asked to cut the cord and I even got him dressed for the first time (which included putting on a very tiny nappy - let's hope I'm not asked to be the first one to change him....)

Hollie is now in theatre -pesky placenta wouldn't deliver so she's having a spinal block and well you can guess the rest 🖐🏼......

I literally can't stop smiling, partly because our fabulous midwife Mavis, brought in a pot of tea shortly after he was born but also its just so amazing. I can't stop staring at him, he's perfect, and right now he has the potential to do or be anything he wants, which when you think about it, it's incredible, he doesn't know about sadness or pain, and hopefully he will just be happy - oh and heart his aunty of course!