Friday, 28 July 2017

 Pump up the volume

Part one 


Not sure if I'm excited or nervous, maybe a bit of both but today's the first pump up! I have no idea what to expect - I'm guessing it's instant, well duh it's not a gradual thing is it (realised what I just wrote!!). I'm going on my own so big girl pants on..... 

Done! Wasnt as painful as I thought, but then it's only been a couple of hours, I saw my lovely surgeon (I have 2 now - they do a side each), everything is planned precisely - he doesn't want anyone else touching them and wants the same team each time so the schedule is pretty tight (I wonder how annoyed they'll be when I tell them that I might be going on holiday to surprise my sister for her 30th...) He played with the magnet to find the port (I've done the same at home) and literally stuck a huge needle in the top of my tit and inflated!!  I'm already LOVING them!! And yes it was instant ... and they're plasters not stick on nipples (cheers Arron)...


Yup I went to teneriffe so I missed my next pump up, but in my defence I needed the sun and a pool .... and cava, lots of cava, it was sooo bloody nice not having to worry about being flat and checking if my bikini top was covering the scars the whole time - any who I rocked up to my next appointment with Wendy, same again only slightly more this time, ouch, ouch, ouch.

I was a model patient, I let the student nurse get involved and have a feel and in return my lovely surgeon let me have a go myself (obvs not on my own but let me pump up some others). Actually starting to look like boobs now !! Arron keeps having to do a double take, well actually it's a bit of a joke now because every time he works away I have bigger boobs when he gets home..


And again!! So now they're bloody massive!! And they literally don't move AT ALL!! As in I can jump up and don't and they don't budge!! Some of my clothes are tighter and I can just about zip my uniform up! But i feel soooo much better in myself, I feel like I can stand straight again and my shoulders aren't hunched over trying to hide non boobs, it's amazing, painful, but amazing!!


Final pump,

Amen. Thank god, they are officially enormous!! I never thought I would like big boobs but I'm loving it!! I know my "proper" implants won't be this big but I'm honestly not bothered in the slightest about them looking fake, they're amazing!!!! I mean look!!!

I need to seriously put some work into my new available personal space, as in I keep twatting them on door frames/ furniture/ car doors and it's very painful !! 

To be fair obviously they're fake, they look and feel fake but they make clothes look so much better, even if my nieces refer to them as rocks or stones!!

Not long to go now either until they're swapped for permanent ones - 7th September all going well! Eeeekkk