Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Stress, fracture

 It seems that this whole cancer thing is never ending, 2 years on from diagnosis and it continues to keep on giving.

I decided that I would get into shape, cancer treatment doesn't make you thin, in fact it's quite the opposite, plus apparently eating twigs and exercising means that you don't get cancer...

I started running, and I loved it. Absolutely loved it, it was the only time I didn't think about the rubbish bullshit - mainly because I was thinking about crap I must look running, but still.

So then I go and bust a muscle in my thigh, as you do, and then have to fork out for weekly physio sessions and sigh when I see my gym membership go out each month. 

So after hobbling around Butlins on a hen party and somehow completing the crystal maze (which involved me getting into a wooden barrel and rolling across the room)... I might have caused a stress fracture in my hip. Brilliant.

So routine MRI came back no change (whoop whoop), and I got a call to say that the pelvis MRI needed to be re-looked at. Nothing to worry about, could just be the imaging, all would be ok, especially as I wasn't in any pain at all (right side). Then I get another call to say that the orthopaedic team had reviewed the scans and it looks like I might have a stress fracture in my right hip/pelvis, and they want to do a bone scan of the area, again I was told not to worry, it's nothing to do with cancer, completely separate issue. Brilliant.

So now, of course, I have pain in my right side. Excellent.

Today was the bone scan, of my pelvis. Oh no wait, it was for my whole body. Why would they want to do that when its non cancer related and is purely to see if I've broken my hip like an 89yr old?? 

Weird but ok if that's what they want then fine. Stupidly I turned my head and I think I saw a bright spot on my rib, fricken great. Whatever.

Now my result appointment is this Friday, but the scan won't be reported on until Friday or Saturday, I don't think for a second that I would be telephoned and told not to attend if it's not done before I go to clinic on Friday, that's because they only look at the scan when they're about to call you in. So I popped along to the Chemo unit and they've said that the oncologist will look at it tomorrow and will call me. If the images are ready to view.

Hello scanxiery, it's been a while - well actually about a month.

So that's it, I'm done, no more scans for me, I've had 3 bone scans, 2 CT's and 7-8 MRIs, I'm done. No more.

For now I've just taken my little pill and will hopefully drift off soon.

Fuck you cancer.