Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Spa days are the best days

Today I went to Hoar Cross Spa courtesy of an amazing charity called Ellie's friends. https://www.hoarcross.co.uk/

I went alone and it was fabulous.

Just me and 5 magazines, perfect. I doubt that this would be something I would have done alone BC but it was great, I didn't speak to anyone apart from the bar tender and waitress - bliss.

I had a gorgeous 3 course lunch, I sat there, alone, and people watched, whilst pretending to read my magazine. 

I flitted between hydro pool, salt water pool, hot tub, plunge pool, sun loungers - I even made time for a full body massage (highly recommended- I think this ought to be done at least once a month from now on). 

Total selfish indulgence and I can't recommend it enough, I'm already planning my next visit, alone !!

I would like to say a massive thank you to the people of Ellie's Friends - https://www.elliesfriends.org/ and if your business / place of work can offer any freebies to this charity I know there's a load of cancer patients who deserve something lovely in the shit storm that is life after during and cancer xx 

I'm soooooo ready to go back!!

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