Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Patience is a virtue

Yeah said someone, a woman most likely, with nice long hair, boobs and a functioning womb...


I finished radiotherapy 16 months ago, that's a long time, and I still don't have any boobs, none.

Yes I know "the worst bit is done now" and "I bet it's nice not having treatment and having a break" but it's also a pain in the arse not having any tits either.

Having being told that I would start the process this summer, forgive me for being a little racked off that in the middle of September I've not had so much as a pre op date yet. 

Don't get me wrong, I've met my surgeon IN MARCH and he seemed lovely agreed to do the surgeries that I "want" but that's it, nothing since.

Having chased them up myself, various times, I've now been told that they're waiting for another surgeon to either go off sick or book annual leave to free up a theatre space, this will then be offered to my surgeon and if he has no other commitments and gets back to them quick enough I might be offered a slot - apparently he's been offered a slot before and didn't get back to them in time and so they let another surgeon have it!!

Yep that's right. Great. No idea when - a weeks time? A months time? This year? next year? I've saved my holiday entitlement from work as I don't get sick pay, so do I take it now in case I end up loosing it? Or wait just incase I get a date? Oh yes this really is the good bit now isn't it!! uurrrggghhhhhhh

I would just like to be able to grab something out of my wardrobe without having the daily debate of whether I need to wear my bleeding softies, can you see my concave chest or can I get away with it?

one things for sure, I need the process starting, because IM GETTING MARRIED!!

oooh I feel another blog coming on....


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