Tuesday, 10 March 2015

365 days earlier....

Wow a blog. Im all very new to this and terribly bad with words but I will give it a go.Right.Here goes...

Firstly the title is all wrong,it should in fact say 367 days ago...was the best day of my life - 12th March 2014 the day I found out I was pregnant.

I will never forget (partly because this is what I replay in my head every night before im about to sleep) my mom calling me from my doctors (she's one of those receptionists) to see if I wanted to pop in after having my scan (I'd been having awful stomach pain and so was sent for a scan -I assumed I had issues with my ovaries). I should have know by my moms squeaky high pitched voice that something amazing was about to happen but I was very much in Aimee land. When I arrived at the doctors he called me in straight away, reached out his hand and said "congratulations" to which I replied "thanks." And then I thought hang on,what for? He smiled and said.   "you're pregnant." 

Of course my immediate reaction was that im not old enough to have a baby (aged 31 1/2). Obviously.

Having managed to peel my mother off me and telling her to calm down and talk in a normal pitched voice, I called the boy. The phone line went very quiet and he said "right, are you ok?" - more silence "Erm im going into a meeting." True Arron style. I only intended on telling my sister but she told my 10month old niece and was then overheard by her boyfriend and within 20 minutes the entire family knew, ok bit dramatic but mom,dad,Hollie,Dave,Lolaah and the staff at the doctors. Having worked out my due date (5th November), I drove home. 

I will always remember that drive along the Ashby Road, the sun was setting and I had Beyonces XO blasting with THE BIGGEST smile imprinted on my face.

This happiness was short lived. 31 days to be precise. In these 31 days I walked around on cloud nine, managed to see the midwife and get my green book, received a Mother's Day card -
And had a beautiful bunch of flowers off Arron -one of which is still being pressed on my book shelf -
You may have noticed a small white feather with my Mother's Day card, this is what fell to my feet in my garden on the night our baby was gone.

 And so the rest is, well that's where the Ultimate C word comes into force, the shit storm that is Breast cancer.

On 12th March this year is will be having my first of 15 radiotheraphy treatments, I doubt very much I will be blasting Beyonces XO from the car this year....