Tuesday, 17 March 2015


So that's 4 sessions of rads done - 11 more to go. Then what? Non Cancer  people tell me it'll all be over, but will it?

During rads you get time to think about this, whilst lying on a table in a large fairly empty room, staring at the ceiling (some of the ceiling tiles have been replaced with pictures of trees to look at- clearly designed by someone who has never been through it). There's nothing to really do except willing the rads to blast any rebel Cancer cells, think about how much the machine sounds like the Internet connection back in the 90's (that really annoying nails down a chalk board noise) and to think about life (hopefully)post Cancer. 

To be fair so far rads has been easy, well compared to chemo anything is easy. I get to wear a fetching purple top -

Most of my appointments are smack bang in the middle of the day but not being able to drive ensures that I have someone with me every day so im not completly alone with my dark thoughts.

Im also what I call a "Rads Whore" as in I keep wearing dresses and this lovely purple top just about covers my ass-

But given that the average age in the rads department is 60 I doubt Arron has much competition.

And that's it, nothing much to say about it, oh apart from why is it that your nose/eyebrow/right shin/left ear lobe decides to itch right in the middle of the treatment....