Saturday, 17 October 2015

And breathe

I'm in Mexico, with Arron having THE best time. It's actually 22:28pm and we're in bed, Arrons fast a sleep, I've been watching CNN (I'm a secret USA news whore) and it's perfect, and I never ever thought we'd get here.

Today there was a storm, most people in the resort looked pretty f**ked off. I loved it. We had breakfast (Arron had coffee with a shed load of Bailys, then we tried a Bloody Mary - note to self -do not try that again, cold tomato soup with ice springs to mind Urgh), 

then we sat at the bar which looks out onto the pool and sea and we watched the storm, oh and had a couple of cocktails....Miami vice.... Bellini's..... frozen daiquiri's....mud slide's.....mojitos 
And the odd far eastern milky beverage (for me)

And basically for the rest of the day we ate pretzels, did a lot of people watching (which is code for taking the piss out of people), but generally just smiling. And then the sun came out 

Oh and Arron met the turtles....