Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Are we nearly there yet??

For the past 11 3/4 months I feel like I've been on a massive car journey with me sitting in the back shaking the front seat shouting are we nearly there yet???

Well active treatment is now over (yay?) so? Am I there yet?? I hope so, I hope that I will be able to draw a line under this and start a new life, I hope I can move on,I hope all of the Cancer is gone forever and hasn't worked its way elsewhere,  i hope that I can consider the possibility that I will never have Cancer again, I hope the fear will slowly disappear, I hope I can have a headache without assuming the worst, I hope that I can look forward to the future, I hope I can be happy.

Yesterday I was thinking about the last 10 months, I thought I'd been trapped in this house .. Turns out that quite a bit has happened (And more im sure but Im still blaming chemo brain for everything I forget- that is until my hair grows enough to dye it blonde then I will blame that).

Clinic appointments x 20
MRI x 3
Bone scan x 2
CT scan x 2
Chemo x 8
Radiotheraphy x 15
Miloh time x heaps
General Anaesthetic x 1
Copious amount of dark nail varnish 
Biopsy x 7
Head shave x 3
7 bitches 
Zoladex injections x 11

Mammogram x 3
Drains x 2

Lolaah sleepovers x 11
Hospital over nighters x 4
Lymphodema clinic x 2

Mom & dad sleepovers x 28
Physio x 1
Dopla Scan x 1
Major hangovers x 3
Bottles of champers/cava/prosecco x??

Wigs x 8
Countless meals on wheels (Hollie,Mom&Dad,Andrea,Rhian,Barbara,Grams, Karen)
Yummy cakes from Grams x a lot 
Reiki x 6
aromatherapy x 4
Nights away from fabio = too many but thank you Carly and Hollie (and Dave)
Acupuncture x 5
Homeopathy x 2
Fish Pillow x1 (thankfully Adam Fletcher)

Nights out x 4

Wedding x 1
Breaking Bad series 1-5
OITNB series 1-2
Scandal series 1-4 (in 3 weeks post op)
Girls nights x 5
Nice surprises x a fair few!!

So that was yesterday (plus I slept
A LOT) and today, well I guess Kylie was right.... It does feel like spring.