Thursday, 23 April 2015

Reasons why IFHC

Cancer is Cancer and its shit, it's the worst thing ever, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy or ex boyfriends.... No really I wouldn't. No matter what "good" may have come out of this shit storm it will never outweigh the devastating consequences and how it slammed the breaks on my life,flipped it upside down and is slowly spitting it back out.

Reasons why I fucking hate Cancer :-

Taken away my ability to have my own family.

Given me a heavy heart.

I will never be care free/happy go lucky again.

I will always convince myself that it is coming back and spreading.

Made me bitter.

Stopped me working.

Given me anxiety and depression.

Lost my independence.

Ive become "the girl" that people tell their friends about.

Seeing people I love be destroyed and consumed by it.

Now unable to sleep without medication.

Safe to say for these reasons it has ruined my life.

No longer recognise myself.

Made my cry - a lot.

Made me look and feel like a boy.


Painful bones and joints,aching muscles.

Lymphedema and the sleeve that comes with it.

In growing toe nail.



Inability to look forward or look to the future.

Panic attacks.

A world that is now completely ruled by Cancer.