Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Aimee Adam & Hollie

Roughly 2 years in between each of us, grew up playing in the garden causing mischief, I was the boss, Adam did as I said and poor Hollie had all the pranks played on her.  These days anything goes - I've filled Adams mugs with sugar and turned them upside down... Fabio has been given an entire box of dog biscuits... Hollie has had her mugs filled with coffee and turned upside down...and Adam was given a doggie bag with a hole at the bottom when he picked up after Bruno... Bad times -safe to say that the pranks continue as we get older...

These days I am known as the weaker sibling, and not because of the C, but because Adam and Hollie are, were, more feisty, out spoken, dare I say stronger (punch pretty hard) than me, but maybe now we're all equal? Ok I'm still the weak one...

When we were little we wore matching outfits, (sailor suits, tiger club t/shirts, dungarees) some of our clothes were knitted by our Aunties, some from the shop in Erdington where everything was in cardboard boxes- I remember getting my puff ball dress from there -1989 ish?

I love having a sister, Hollie. She is one of my soul mates, when shit hits the fan she's always the person I want. Arron said recently that we can be quite intimidating together if you didn't know us, not sure what he meant. Maybe because look out for each other? Or because we giggle like school girls? We prat about like school kids? We tend to get very loud and sometimes lairy? 

When we lost our baby Hollie was at work, and so we went to her house and waited. I willed the hours to pass and when she got home she didn't say a word she just clung onto me. Same when I was diagnosed, she clung onto me and made me feel better. The bond we had grew and I don't think you would understand it unless you have a sister. She is one of the few people who saw what chemo, surgery and radiotherapy did to me, and continue to do to me. I don't need to put on a brave face and hide the pain, she sees me at my worst.

Hollie came to my house the Saturday after my first chemo to wash my hair, I will never ever forget leaning over the bath, her whole body was shaking in fear that all of my hair would fall out (it didn't) she was terrified but she still did it, in fact she went to the pharmacy and got me some shampoo and a gorgeous engraved baby brush and comb, she also gave me Lolaah's first baby brush which I still use every day.

Every Wednesday after chemo she would come and stay the night with Lolaah, in these 2 days she would feed me, keep my hydrated, help me in and out of the shower, sort out my meds, keep me in a constant supply of hot water bottles for the pain and on top of all that whilst I slept (and slept) she would clean my house, these were her days off work, in the summer time and she told me that she didn't want to be anywhere else. 

She also came to see me the day I had a double mastectomy, and sorted out my drawn on eyebrows which had been smudged during surgery, and she came with animal print bottle bags for my drains -and lots of magazines and biscuits.

She continued to look after me post op, I couldn't drive for around 3 months and so most days she would come and pick me up and take me shopping or do whatever I needed. Hollie was also present for most of my radiotherapy sessions, ?? Mile round trip daily, sometimes with Lolaah in toe when there wasn't anyone to look after her.

It's safe to say that I think the world of her & cherish every second that we spend together.

Adam (Pepsi)
Well, my annoying little brother turned out ok, most of the time, only joking. My brother, to some, is a charmer and fairly cheeky but to me he is kind and loyal. The days/weeks after diagnosis are all a bit blury, but I do remember lots of family gatherings, and lots of happy times with my nephew Archie, and niece Poppie-Rae, mainly in mom and dads garden, with Adam having water fights and "accidentally" getting me soaked.

The night of my first chemo Pepsi came to mine with a present. a pillow. A fish pillow. Not just any fish pillow, a huge massive fish pillow, to which he said don't be ungrateful I've been and brought that for you so you can't get rid of it or throw it away.
Cheers, it's lovely... I think it's upstairs somewhere....

Adam was also roped into "Aimee Sitting" duties, in fact he turned up one morning with a McDonalds breakfast, but I couldn't eat it as Arron (Captain Chemo) had put me on a takeaway ban during chemo to prevent me being sick. The thought was there I guess....

Most of our time was spent with me on the sofa, sleeping and catching up on various epic TV series and Pepsi working from my kitchen, every so often we would break out into song -mainly DJ Aligator's "Blow your whistle" - our most fave line being - "blow the engine like a laser guided missile." Maybe you had to be there but still, it makes me chuckle.

I also caught him trying on one of my wigs.... The proof is here...

He also put together one of the kindest things that anyone has ever done for me, along with a team of people that I'd never met, these people are called Simon's Heros -their website can be found here http://simonsheroes.org.uk/ -amazing bunch of beautiful people 

When they called me over I honestly thought they were going to get me to do the Wolf Run... And my first thought was oh crap I'm going to have to take my wig off, maybe it should have been -oh crap I've not done any training for the 5k+ run... Luckily for me I was given a trip to a spa -which has now got me hooked and I'm looking to rebook ASAP.

It's safe to say that I love my brother and sister with all my heart and in this instance consider myself extremely lucky and extremely proud of them both. I know that they would do anything for me and visa versa. I am not thankful to cancer for anything, but I have enjoyed spending more time with these two (plus Archie, Poppie and Lolaah of course).

I am so greatful that I got to grow up with a brother and sister, my memories bring me nothing but smiles, I would have loved a family of 5 but I guess I will have to help my nieces and nephew out on the mischief making and be the Kooliest Aunty ever (IDST). I'm just hoping that the whole family can go on holiday later this year as I want to create as many memories as I can.

Adam & Hollie I love you all the world and I am forever greatful for everything that you have done for me and continue to do for me, I couldn't have and wouldn't have wanted to do it without you, you guys are the best xox