Thursday, 4 June 2015

First date

Not a good first date, the first of many cancer related dates starts tomorrow. 

5th June, 1 year since they said oh don't worry it's most likely to be mastitis from your pregnancy, 1 year since I had an ultrasound anyway just to put my mind at rest. 1 year since they then said we need to do a mammogram ... And 4 biopsies... And a fine needle aspiration. All on my own because Arron had to wait outside not knowing what was going on and I was lying on that hard horrible bed, watching their faces trying to work out how the hell I got there. 1 year since I was told "I will prey for you" which was meant in the loveliest way but sticks in my mind and from that moment everything changed.

In 1 appointment on the 5th June 2014 I went from being assessed as 1 - not concerned, to 5 - it's likely to be breast cancer and life as you know it is gone.

I think this could be up there with the worst first date ever...