Sunday, 14 June 2015

The picture


Ok women with breast cancer,in my own experience, don't feel like "getting them out" or taking pictures in a pretty push up bra (or duct tape??), and I certainly didn't feel sexual throughout treatment, why? Mainly because they tried to kill me, oh and the gruelling chemo which induced vomiting/hair loss/weight gain/anxiety/depression etc etc. Sexy huh?

How does this even send a message to men and women that they should check their breasts? In my opinion it mearly gave people an opportunity to "get them out" and flaunt their bodies on the Internet, nothing about it raised awareness for breast cancer, in fact some of the pictures tried to make it seem glamorous, it's not, it's shit, really shit.

In fact this picture was taken when I arrived back at my sisters having been to my friends funeral, she was taken from us at the age of 32 because of this f-ing disease.

I get it,I know that my picture isn't easy on the eye, I don't have the body of a typical 32 year old, but THIS is breast cancer, 2 wonky scars, a concaved chest and a lymphodema sleeve, and I consider myself to be rather lucky with what I have, I definitely don't fit into the #freeTheNipple hash tag either...

Breastcancer is not fun, it's not sexy, people die.